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What Our Clients Have to Say


Peter Sommer - Coordinator of Jazz Studies, Associate Professor, Director of Jazz Bands, Coordinator of Woodwinds -  Colorado State University

Tim, I've finally had a chance to really sit down and play my Conn 10m that you worked on last year, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making this horn really sing. I'm just blown away by how great it is responding. I remember loving it when I bought it from you years ago, and it's great to have the chance to really play it again at peak performance. Hope all is well!


Andrew Sprague - University of Nebraska Omaha Student

I bought a YAS-62III from you last summer, along with my grandpa, Bill Sprague. I just wanted to let you know how great the saxophone has been so far. Since I have had it I made the top band at the University of Nebraska at Omahas (UNO) Jazz camp, Jazz I at UNO as a student, the top wind ensemble at UNO, and the 2nd to best combo at the university. This horn has allowed me to further my technique and tone more than my student horn would have ever been able to. I owe you a huge thank you for taking the time to help me find the perfect set up for my college career! I hope to come back soon, hopefully to buy a tenor!

Thank you again,



Vincent Barone - Saxophonist, Florida

In mid December I purchased a vintage pro tenor from Sax Alley, less than 2 weeks before a performance at a large venue during the holidays. My main horn was in need of an complete overhaul. My tech here in southern Florida was unavailable. Tim at Sax Alley had less than 2 weeks to completely restore and have the horn delivered to me. He and Micah told me they were backlogged, but would do everything they could to get the horn to me in time.

A week later the horn arrived. The box had been damaged, crumpled in the corner and center, as if dropped during shipping. Upon inspection, the horn had been damaged by the shipper, and was unplayable. I called Tim Glesmann, who instructed me to have the horn repaired immediately. My tech had returned, and Tim spoke with him at length on the phone, while I waited. My tech informed me that the repair would take a minimum of three days, but that Mr. Glesmann had made it clear that he would make arrangements for the shipper that had damaged the horn to expedite their ethical responsibilities. Mr Glesman and my tech handled all the documentation. I was not at all inconvenienced. Two days before the performance, my horn was completely repaired and returned to me. The horn played and sounded exactly the way I wanted.

I have performed professionally for over 30 years. Sax Alley has attained an unmatched standard of ethics and professionalism, both in restoration, and customer service. I have had more consistent, respectful, and prompt service, from  Sax Alley, which is 2500 miles away, than I receive at  woodwind retailers within my own city and state. I very highly recommend Sax Alley for all saxophonists within the US. To my brother and sister horn players: Sax Alley prioritizes quality and ethics over profit.


Vincent N. Barone


Justin Marks, Arizona State University Student


I was able to play it extensively for the past two days (P. Mauriat 66R UL Tenor). It is such a fun horn to play. The tone is gorgeous and the response is excellent. It translates well from my current Series III alto and Series II bari. Niente attacks are surprisingly easy from low Bb through upper altissimo, and I am able to put as much air through the horn as I want and it never pushes back. Intonation is solid. At the price, it is a steal. When I was buying, I wasn't sure if it was such a good idea. Money as a college student is very tight, I wasn't too familiar with P. Mauriat as a brand, I didn't get to try out the horn before I bought it, and I also wasn't familiar with you besides nothing but positive praises on Sax on the Web. After the purchase, I am completely relieved. Dealing with you has been a pleasure and everything came out better than I could imagine. You do awesome work and I'm grateful for the individual care you took on me and my new horn. If money wasn't an option, I find it hard to believe that I could possibly choose a saxophone 2 or 3x the price based on tone, projection, intonation, flexibility, altissimo, and key action. Again, thank you so much for everything! I will definitely be back to do more business.

Justin Marks (Arizona State University Student)


Peter J. Scaddan, Head of Saxophone Studies, North Gwent Music Studio, UK

To Sax Alley Customers,

I feel compelled to write a few words about the outstanding service I received from Tim Glesmann at Sax Alley. Tim was kind enough to hold a saxophone for me whilst I organised a complicated International Money Transfer. I had regular updates from Tim to assure me that the horn was mine. What impressed me the most was that when my transfer was completed, Tim did not just "ship it out" as many traders would do. He insisted on my horn going on his "Bench", and boy what a bench. This horn came to me screaming; it is an absolute joy to play. I am delighted with my my Super 20 and feel honored to have had it set up by Tim. Tim is honest, fair and very sincere. You can rest assured you are in very capable hands when looking for that special horn.

Peter J. Scaddan
Head of Saxophone Studies, North Gwent Music Studio, UK


Jim Romain, Instructor of Woodwinds and Jazz Studies - Drake University, Iowa

Dear Fellow Saxophonists,

It is a great pleasure to write this note in support of an outstanding saxophone repair technician, musician, and person--Tim Glesmann of Sax Alley. Since I found Tim several years ago, I refuse to let anyone else touch my horns, and I twist my student's arms to send their instruments to him. Of course, once they go to see Tim, they no longer have to be coerced, because Tim's work speaks for itself! It is a great comfort, both in my roles as performer and teacher, to have the luxury of a saxophone repair technician who has both the technical skills to do consistently outstanding work, and the musical skills as a saxophonist to evaluate that work from the player's perspective.

Tim has also been a great source for quality, barely-used and vintage horns for my students. He insures that any horn that goes out the door is in optimal playing condition , and does so at very reasonable prices. He has also been quite generous in sending mouthpieces out for evaluation by myself and my students, and has always given us ample time to play-test each piece. I purchased two of his Ultimate Thumbhooks and have found them to enhance the comfort of my right hand, improving technique through reduced tension.

In short, while you are welcome to continue to take your horns elsewhere, I have to wonder ... why would you?

James Romain
Instructor of Woodwinds and Jazz Studies
Casper College


Joe Lukasik, Professional Saxophonist, Denver, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Tim,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for all the truly great work you've done for me over the years. I've dealt with repair establishments from coast to coast, and I can honestly say there is no one I'd rather take my horns to but you. Your overhauls stay in adjustment and simply last longer than anyone's I've dealt with. I've watched you work, and I've noticed that you avoid shortcuts, or any practice that may have dire consequences down the line. I can tell you have a deep love for these instruments and treat each with utmost care. I've also noticed that you shy away from faddish techniques or anything just to improve cosmetics, and never do anything which may decrease the value of the horn. This is not to say you don't keep current with the newest techniques; I know you are constantly in touch with the best repair men in the country. Anything new evolving in your work has been tested by the best. Your honesty and integrity are no small matter either. No one has ever complained that you've done things to "run up the bill". In fact, your repair prices make me feel like the criminal! Most importantly, I feel I can work with you. You can always interpret what I'm looking for in an adjustment and make it work. This is why I will never get major repairs anywhere else.

One question that boggles the mind, is how you keep your prices so low for a "smaller" company. You even manage to beat the big guys on a lot of pricing. Your customers can always be assured of the finest quality, great prices, and unbeatable customer service (something people take for granted until something goes wrong, and it almost eventually does).

All the best!
Joe Lukasik


Tom Myer, Professor of Saxophone, University of Colorado at Boulder

To My Saxophone Colleagues,

Simply stated, Tim Glesmann is the only repairman that will touch my horn. He is extremely meticulous and will set up your horn any way that you like. Tim has always addressed his work in a timely fashion and at a fair price. Tim understands intonation tendencies, acoustics, and tone color characteristics of various horns, necks, mouthpieces, reeds, etc.

He has a great working knowledge of both new and vintage saxophones and keeps a variety of horns in stock. He is one who truly has taken a geniune interest in the needs and wants of the saxophonist. He always seems to keep up with new products and if there is a demand for something that doesn't exist, he'll make it himself.

We are extremely fortunate to have Tim Glesmann in the Denver area!

Tom R. Myer
Professor of Saxophone
University of Colorado at Boulder


Art Bouton, Professor of Saxophone, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver

To Whom It May Concern,

I have used Tim Glesmann at "Sax Alley" for repair work for the last several years and have always found his work to be of the highest quality. Why else would anyone from Denver drive 50 miles to Fort Collins just to have their saxophone repaired? Sure, there are several competent repair people in the area but Tim is simply the best. I just wish he'd move down to join us in the land of the "brown cloud" so we don't contribute to it making the great trek north.

Yeah, sure, you can find a repairman that does good work, but they usually make the grievous error of trying to open a music store, go in debt up to their eyeballs, stock up on a bunch of idiotic stuff professional musicians don't need, farm out the repair of your horn to some minimum wage, non-playing apprentice, go bankrupt and move away. The weird thing about Tim is that he is honest and realistic, two qualities so rare among musicians as to be almost unrecognizable.

I have referred students to Tim to purchase quality used Selmer saxophones and everyone of the horns Tim has located have been great instruments. The price has always been fair and often included a good deal of work to get the instrument up to snuff.

Tim recently began providing reeds and sheet music at VERY competitive prices that he delivers to your school or home.

Art Bouton
Professor of Saxophone
Lamont School of Music - University of Denver


Mark Miller, Director of the Music Program, The Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado

To Whom It May Concern,

Tim Glesmann is the best saxophone repairman in the metro area; I wouldn't take my horns anywhere else. He's meticulous, highly professional and caring. Tim has been more than willing to work with me directly to get my instruments (a Mark VI tenor and soprano and a Conn 6M alto) into the best possible playing shape. He's always been right on time.

Just as important as his careful work is the firendly relationship I've established with Tim; it's a pleasure to work with him. I heartily recommend Sax Alley to all my colleagues and students!

Mark Miller
Core Faculty
Director of the Music Program


Matthew Damick, Sax Alley Customer, Longmont, Colorado

I'm extremely happy with the YAS-82Z IIS I purchased from you.  You packed the horn for shipping very securely and it played fantastic right out of the case.  I feel like the more I play it the better my tenor and soprano sound, as well.

I really appreciate how relaxing the whole shopping experience was - you applied zero pressure and throughly answered any questions I had.

I highly recommend you and your shop to anyone I know who's looking for anything sax related.

Thanks so much!

Matthew Damick


LCDR Donald Bosch USNR, Yuma, Arizona

"Brother, my VII plays better than the day I bought it! Can't thank you enough for working around my reserve duty and for the outstanding quality of your work. Thanks also for finding my low register again! Would recommend you to anyone who wants to get their sax playing better than new."

Don Bosch
Champion Christian Church Praise Team
Yuma, Arizona


Velimir Segon, Saxophone Sale Customer (Croatia)

To all the saxophone players out there:

I'd like to say that Sax Alley is by far the best saxophone shop on the internet that I've found and Tim Glesmann is the most honest and caring person. I've traded a Yamaha alto 62 for a 1938 silver plated King Zephyr through Tim (with some repayment from my side), and being from Croatia I obviously had some concern about the trading. After receiving the Zephyr and playing it for some time, I have to say I'm more then satisfied with the trade - the Zephyr arrived in excellent shape (even better then Tim described it!!!), with everything perfectly adjusted and ready to play, and it's a wonderful instrument. Tim also helped me with lowering the price for $100 on the Zephyr, due to my not so bright financial situation, and was extremely friendly in answering my numerous questions and worries about the trade.

Velimir Segon
Saxophone player


William Scharon, "Ultimate Thumbhook" purchaser (Somers Point, NJ)

Dear Tim,

I did receive your custom-thumb hook on Saturday. I admired the quality and craftmanship on such a small part. Do you always give it your all? I slapped it on and noticed right away the change. The intonation was better and my tone seemed bigger [centered]. I was impressed. I think my ear is pretty good, because 30 years of playing has helped. My setup is a Berg Larsen rubber soprano 105/0, #4, 5 reeds, olegature ligature. I am imagining how much better I would sound with horns setup by you. Thanks again, Tim



Jay Easton, Saxophone Sales Customer (San Diego)

(Speaking of the purchase of a Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Bass Saxophone); Having played it further, I wanted to tell you that I have never received ANY horn from the factory adjusted as well as this one is - they're often a total mess. Thanks so much for your excellent work - it's a joy to play! Perfectly regulated, and very well in tune with itself. You can bet that next time I need an instrument, I'll check with you!

All the best, and God bless you,


Guy Vigers, Repair Client (Denver)

Dear Saxophonists,

I wanted to add some extra words of support for Tim Glesmann. He is an exceptional workman and a fine person. He overhauled my Yamaha 62 tenor last week and it is playing better than ever before. I would recommend him unhesitatingly for any repair work, or for the purchase of a horn. His work is impeccable and his prices are entirely reasonable. My only reservation is that playing the other horns in his workshop makes me want to spend large amounts of money!

As a (clearly) amateur musician, I appreciate being able to work with a true professional whose work I can trust. I will definitely be going back to Tim for all my saxophone needs.

Best Wishes,
Guy Vigers


Corey Woodcox, Internet Sales Client (Utah)

I was searching the net, and found a site on saxophones, and haven't gone anywhere else. I have saved a lot of money by shopping here for my supplies. I also recommended it to my teacher. Riverton Music, my local music store, offers a box of ten Rico Royal reeds for $22.50. Sax Alley gives me them for $16.25. I really save tons of money, by shopping with them, and hope you will to.

Corey Woodcox


Barney M. Branch, Professional Saxophonist, Internet Sales Client (North Carolina)

To The World At Large:

Sax Alley is THE one-stop sax accessory shop on the Internet. I have purchased several mouthpieces and other accessories over the last year and have always gotten excellent quality products at the lowest prices possible. Sax Alley beats all the other on-line retail shops, bar none. I intend to use his shop for all my various sax accessories.

Tim handles his phone calls and emails personally and with deft swiftness. He knows his product line and makes thoughtful recommendations based on personal needs. If you have an idea of what you want (be it a sound, or a feel), he can help you choose the best product for yourself. His store policies are based on honesty and quality . . . . two of the characteristics that Tim, himself, possesses.

If you expect excellent service, knowledgeable people, quality product line and low prices, Sax Alley is the place to shop. I would recommend your store and web-site to anyone in the business.

Barney M. Branch
Sax Alley Internet Sales
New Horizon Church Praise Band (Durham, NC)
Time Machine Band (Raleigh, NC)
Joe Bell & The Stinging Blades (Durham, NC)
Reggie Jeffreys Jazz Ensemble (Raleigh, NC)
Check out this Web Site at:


Michael Pilch, Saxophone Sales Client, Student/Professional Saxophonist (Jacksonville, Florida)

This is a letter of appreciation to Tim Glesmann and Sax Alley. I have shopped at many horn stores, but none compare to the professional, yet friendly service of Sax Alley. Tim Glesmann is one of the most honest, decent business men I know. And in the this world we live in today honesty and ethics are hard to come by. That is only one of the reasons I shop with Sax Alley for all my horn needs. Tim's prices and selection of product are outstanding! I have never shopped at a sax store were you find everything you need the first time. And if Tim doesn't have it, he will bend over backwards "so to speak" to find it for you. Another reason I shop with Sax Alley is because of Tim's dedication to Jesus Christ. He is using his business to provide customers with what they need but to also further the Kingdom of God for Jesus Christ. I commend him for this. I know that Sax Alley will continue to grow because of Tim's hard work and his superior customer service.

Your Friend and lifelong customer,
Michael Pilch


Tait Solberg, Purchased "The Ultimate Thumbhook" (US Military Personnel stationed overseas)


I wanted you to know the thumb hook arrived and it's the best $40 I ever spent. Really resonates the lower register!

Best Regards,
Tait Solberg


Dennis Prince, Purchased "The Ultimate Thumbhook" (Stone Mountain, Georgia)

I want to thank you for the quality and comfort that your Ultimate Thumbhook offers. I ordered one for my Yanagisawa 901 Alto Saxophone and couldn't be more pleased! It sure beats the plastic p.o.j. that came with the instrument. It is very comfortable, partly due to the the fact that the heavy gauge metal (brass) doesn't cut into my thumb on the hook's edges. And it may be my imagination, but I think my sax sounds slightly "edgier" than it did with the factory plastic hook. My friends that have saxes that came with a metal hook are surprised because the quality of my Ultimate Thumbhook is far better than the thin gauge metal hooks that came on their top of the line instruments that cost much more than my Yani.

Again, thank you for producing a product that not only met my expectations, but exceeded them!

Dennis Prince
Stone Mountain, Georgia


Rick Martin, Saxophone Sales Client (Loveland, Colorado)


Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in our recent purchase of a Selmer Series III alto sax for my son. We chose to order the sax through you because of the excellent prices you offer and because of the excellent referrals to you that we received from friends and colleagues who had done business with you in the past. We were not disappointed. The sax is everything my son hoped for and I really appreciate all the customer service and "hand holding" you gave me during the ordering and receiving process. My son is planning a career as a professional musician and having the right instrument means a lot. I enthusiastically recommend you to your future customers and wish you lots of success. This last is purely selfish, since we want you to be around for a long time so that we can continue to enjoy your excellent service.

Best Wishes
Rick Martin
Mechanical Engineer Boulder Nonlinear Systems


Jeffrey Beals, Professional Baritone Saxophone player, Hahn Synthetic Reed customer, Washington State


The word that covers it, is "WOW!!!!!!" It plays and speaks perfectly on my #6 Gregory, and my #6 WW Two Clear Brillhart. No buzzing like the Hartmanns either.

I can phrase pianissimo to wide open without any problem, barely moving my embouchure, unlike everything else I have tried. Thanks so much for the service, and let me know. This thing (Hahn Synthetic Reed) is incredible.

By the way, the reed plays brightest with a thin single screw type ligature, as opposed to Rovner types, or standard two screw ligatures. It plays moderately bright with a Francoise Louis design for your information. I prefer the first one I mentioned, which is a modified B&G. Tension adjustment I think should be only moderate, since the reed will speak easier, particularly on low, quiet notes. Upper register to high F# is great, and altissimo or false fingerings speak much easier than Hartmann or Fibercell.

Kindest Regards,
Jeffrey Beals



Staten Island Yankees defeat Connecticut Tigers 5-2 in the first game of a double header


Staten Island Yankees defeat Connecticut Tigers 5-2 in the first game of a double header

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 9:13 PM


Larry Ballow on the tenor sax playing the National Anthem as his grandson Jordan Padilla holds the flag. (Staten Island Advance/Hilton Flores)

This is a tenor Sax Alley re-padded for Larry and he is enjoying it and "playing out"!