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Flute exploding into a cubist style with colorfull background

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William S Haynes Vintage, Hand Made, Open Hole, Low C Foot Flute #25,xxx - New Years Sale Price!!



This is a vintage, Haynes Hand Made Flute with a Low C Foot and open tone holes, Serial #25,528, back when Haynes was THE name in flutes.  This would be a great flute for a doubler who wants that meaty, warm sound associated with early Haynes flutes.

We no longer do any flute work, so you are getting this one "as is".  Pads are older, since this one was played for many years by a professional musiciam, so you may need to get them replaced before too long.  Comes with what I am assuming is the original case.

A great playing, professional flute for an New Intermediate Flute price!

(Contact us for more information on this great, vintage flute!)



Sax Alley Price: $2,999.00

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