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New Horn Setup and Free Shipping


On every new Professional Model Saxophone purchased you receive our $400-$450 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE SHIPPING. On all new Student and Intermediate Model Saxophones you receives a minimum of our $140-$190 "Complete Adjustment".

Some saxophones will play fairly well out of the box, but they will play much better if you purchase one from Sax Alley with our extensive "New Horn Set Up". We do things that the factory doesn't, which will give you better intonation and overall response than you will get from most dealers who only pull the instrument out of the box and sell it to you, as is.

Most new saxophones are generally in bad adjustment out of the box, so why buy from someone who is going to sell it to you "as is" hoping you won't care? Do you want your new saxophone to play as well as it possibly can?

When you purchase your new saxophone from us, we meticulously go over it and set it up so it will give you optimal performance the day you receive it.