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Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Beechler Metal Bari Mouthpiece #7 with Cap and Ligature

Like new condition Beechler bari mouthpiece, cap and ligature. This piece features straight sidewalls and a rollover baffle so it'll likely play with a good deal of projection but not too much!


Sax Alley Price: $350.00

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Francois Louis Spectruoso Bari Mouthpiece, Signature Model


This model is hand faced and signed by Francois Louis.  A new composite material that resonates beautifully. The Sphere Chamber is similar in looks to a Berg Larsen, but this mouthpiece plays with more ease than most any Berg and really speaks with great focus. A great mouthpiece!

(All facings are special order item, not normally in stock.)

New  |  Retail Price: $460.50

Sax Alley Price: $337.50

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Saxquest 'The Hoss' Hard Rubber Bari Mouthpiece #7* (.115") - (SOLD)


Saxquest 'The Hoss' hard rubber bari mouthpiece in excellent, like new condition!  Serial number #190 with a #7* facing. 

From the Theo Wanne website:

The HOSS has a rather long body length and shows off a classic “duck bill” shape at the beak. The relaxed angle of the beak allows for comfort and flexibility and does not leave the player with an awkward feeling regarding their personal embouchure. The inside of the mouthpiece features a medium open throat, bullet chamber and a steady floor slope with just the slightest baffle shaping below the tip rail.


(No ligature or cap included.)




Sax Alley Price: $369.00

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Selmer S80 Hard Rubber Bari Mouthpiece


The Classical Standard in saxophone mouthpieces, the Selmer Hard Rubber mouthpiece produces a very warm and centered sound with excellent control. 

Cap and Ligature are not included.

New  |  Retail Price: $530.00

Sax Alley Price: $316.00

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Yanagisawa Metal Bari Mouthpiece


Solid Machined Brass and silver plated.  These are a very well made, somewhat brighter sounding mouthpiece with lots of projection. 

Silver plated ligature and cap are included.

New  |  Retail Price: $530.00

Sax Alley Price: $353.00

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