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Casey Cards - Conn 6M PENCIL DRAWING Print, Blank Greeting Card


Casey Brown is an exceptional artist and good friend.  She did a graphite drawing of a Vintage Conn 6M alto we had in the shop (drawing is on display at Sax Alley) and made blank greeting cards from it so you can send a personal message to anyone you know and show them your love the for the instrument at the same time.

Order several and give them to your saxophone playing friends!

Sax Alley Price: $3.95

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Jim Klein - Saxophone Print


Jim Klein is an exceptional artist and saxophone player.  This is a print of the original he made some years ago in a 48" by 36" size on canvas over a wood frame.  Beautiful, vibrant colors in a stylized representation of a baritone saxophone. 

We have this hanging on the wall at Sax Alley!!

Shipping cost will be higher than the order form will indicate, but I will get with you on the exact cost of that should you order this great print.

Sax Alley Price: $469.00

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