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Yamaha Saxophones - Professional Models.  Yamaha are currently the best made production instruments on the market.  The new 82ZII with the one-piece bell is far superior to the previous Z.  The just released 875EXII alto now has better tone hole placement and a warmer, darker sound quality, likely THE BEST new alto on the market!!  All their professional model saxophones have new necks which make them sound better than ever and the price is very reasonable for the quality that you are getting.  Yamaha feels better in your hands than any instrument on the market and the intonation and overall response are outstanding.  You can't go wrong with Yamaha!

Eastman 640 and 52nd Street Altos - Professional Models.  The 640 series has straight tone holes and plays very well with high quality manufacturing, good intonation and good response.  We like the VL, vintage lacquer, in this model which has a darker look, more like the vintage saxophones of the past.  The 52nd Street is an un-lacquered alto with rolled tone holes, excellent intonation and overall response and plays with a bit more edge than the 640 series and plays bigger as well.  This model is currently being played and endorsed by Gary Bias of Earth, Wind and Fire.  Both are great instruments at very good prices!

Selmer Series II, III or Reference 54 and Axos Altos - Professional Models - Sax Alley is an official Selmer Paris Dealer!  We have ready access to these great saxophones at great prices. Still considered to be one of the best saxophones on the market.  Call or email for the Sax Alley Price that includes our $350 "New Horn Set-Up" and Free Shipping.

Yanagisawa Altos - Professional and Intermediate Models - Sax Alley is an official Yanagisawa Dealer! Great playing Altos with excellent response and intonation. The new AW010 is a knock out with a warmer sound quality than the 991 model.  All models available at great prices. Call or email for the Sax Alley Price that includes our $350 "New Horn Set-Up" and Free Shipping.

P. Mauriat saxophones are great sounding altos.   With vintage saxophone sound quality and modern key action, the new P. Mauriat tenors provide everything a player needs without the high cost.  Sax Alley was the first P. Mauriat dealer in the nation and we know these instruments better than anyone.

Keilwerth SX 90R - We are an official Keilwerth dealer and can get you GREAT prices on any model. Keilwerth has fantastic craftsmanship with a unique, wonderful sound quality in the rolled tone hole models. We don't just sell them to you, we work on them before shipping so they play great! Call or email for the Sax Alley Price that includes our $350 "New Horn Set-Up" and Free Shipping.

Phil Barone Alto Saxophones - Professional Models - The Phil Barone saxophones bring professional feel and quality to you at a lower price for those who just can't spend what it takes to get a top name professional model.  Save money and get a good instrument that won't hold you back.  All new Phil Barone Saxophones get the Sax Alley "Complete Adjustment" so you can be sure they will play as well as possible once you get one.

P. Mauriat "B" stock instruments available.   They are rated "B" stock due to minor cosmetic flaws or minor shipping damage that we will repair before selling.  These instruments will still receive our extensive set-up and Free shipping, but will save you hundreds!!


Nearly any brand available. We don't just sell them, we make them play! Call or email for the Sax Alley price that includes our $350 "New Horn Set-Up" and FREE shipping on all new professional models!

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Conn 6M Alto Saxophone #288,xxx - Roman Numeral VIII model!!!!


Conn 6M Professional Model Vintage Alto #288,664 in good original lacquer condition.  This is the Roman Numeral VIII model which is the most sought after.  No one is sure what that VIII means. Many think it is a certain bench at the Conn Facgtory, but they do seem to play better than the models without that indication.


Sax Alley Price: $2,290.00

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Conn Student Alto Saxophone #L02,xxx, 'Shooting Star' made in the US, not Mexico


The Conn "Shooting Star" was the last student model alto saxophone made in the US by Conn.  This is a good beginner instrument with nickel-silver plated keys and a decent sound quality.  Pads are somewhat older, but leather is soft and we should be able to get this in good adjustment for you.


Sax Alley Price: $650.00

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Conn Transitional Model Alto Saxophone #245,993 Silver-Plate with Art Deco Engraving (Super Early Christmas Sale Price!!)

Super Early Christmas Sale Price! 

Conn Trasitional Model Alto, Serial #245,993, is the model between the New Wonder II and the 6M and sports a unique "Art Deco" engraving that you won't see on other models.  

This one is in super nice condition with just about all the original silver-plating intact and gold wash in the bell.  The sound quality is outstanding with a warmth and fatness that you rarely find in a modern alto. 


Regular Price: $3,200.00

Special Price: $2,777.00

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