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Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Yanagisawa Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece #5 with ligature - Used


Yanagisawa makes a very good quality hard rubber mouthpiece.  They do have a bit of a brighter sound quality so most people who purchase a Yanagisawa saxophone don't use them as the Yanagisawa saxophones are a bit brighter in sound quality as well.



Sax Alley Price: $125.00

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Yanagisawa Metal Tenor Mouthpiece


Solid Machined Brass and silver plated.  These are a very well made, somewhat brighter sounding mouthpiece with lots of projection. 

Silver plated ligature and cap are included.

New  |  Retail Price: $414.00

Sax Alley Price: $262.00

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