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Clarinet Mouthpieces

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Francois Louis Ligature Pressure Plates - Set of 3


Set of 3 interchangeable pressure plates for use in all Francois Louis Ligatures.

Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel with rubber coating and Solid Brass.

(Alto plates shown in picture.)

New  |  Retail Price: $20.10

Sax Alley Price: $15.00

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Ishimori-Wood Stone Bb CLARINET Ligature (German) - Solid Silver

ISHIMORI's craftsmen take a number of manufacturing processes to produce high-quality Wood Stone Handmade Ligatures. All the ligatures are precisely hand-finished. These ligatures are designed to be versatile for every player in different genres being satisfied with its highest quality and sound.


Sax Alley Price: $202.00

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Marc Jean Bone Bb CLARINET Barrel - 65mm



This Bb clarinet barrel was made by Marc Jean.  It is shorter than a standard 67mm clarinet barrel at 65mm. This will work better for a doubler switching between instruments who doesn't have the time to warm up the instrument.  

This barrel is unusal since it is made from BONE. The bone adds a layer of brightness and projection. This barrel is a must have for anyone who needs to 'cut through' their band!

New  |  Retail Price: $123.00

Sax Alley Price: $99.00

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