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Brilhart Vintage Tonalin Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece #4 Serial #205615 - Very Good Condition! (SOLD)

Vintage Brilhart Tonalin Clarinet Mouthpiece in a #4 facing, Serial #205615.  Very good condition with excellent looking tip, rails and bite plate with only minor scratching.  The only thing you will have to do is find a ligature and replace the cork!!

These mouthpieces play very well and a #4 tip is bigger than you normally find on these pieces.  Great for a jazz clarinet player!

No cap or ligature included.


Sax Alley Price: $150.00

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Leblanc 'Eddie Daniels' Bb Clarinet Mouthpeice - With D. Bonade Ligature!

This Leblanc Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is their Eddie Daniels model. It is in excellent condition with minimal signs of use. The tip and rails are in like new condiditon!  This one was made from a Zinner Blank.  Zinner is considered to be one of the best rubber manufacturers in the world!

This mouthpiece comes with a D. Bonade ligature and plasitic cap!


Sax Alley Price: $195.00

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Walter Grabner Clarinet Mouthpiece K13* - Like New!!


The Walter Grabner Clarinet Mouthpiece is used by many professional clarinet players today.  It is based on the old Kaspar mouthpiece design and made from very high quality Zinner blanks.  

Here are some specifics from Walter's web site:

Closer tip, enhanced facing.

The CXZ_K11 is my most popular soprano clarinet mouthpiece with professional clarinet players in the U.S. The CXZ_K11* is an enhancement of that product. 

Closer tip than the K11 and an enhanced facing curve give this mouthpiece a higher level of focus and clarity. Trials with “the pros” have gone extremely well.

Dark, warm ringing CORE tone, for maximum precision.  Optimized for Vandoren V12 # 3 ½ to # 4 strength reed.

Tunes to 440 with a standard length barrel (generally 66 mm) Can play at 442 with a 65 mm barrel. Enhanced Lower Baffle and additional hand reaming and interior polishing.


This one is in like new condition.  No cap or ligature included, but we can include one if you wish.  Click on the Ligature Option for any of the ligatures we have to offer. 


Sax Alley Price: $195.00

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3 Item(s) Show per page