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Bass Clarinet

bass clarinet

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Vandoren B45 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece


A standard in the industry for Bass Clarinet mouthpieces, the B45 will work well for you in any situation.

New  |  Retail Price: $304.99

Sax Alley Price: $137.25

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Vandoren Traditional Cut (Blue Box) Reeds - Bass Clarinet


The Vandoren "Classical" (Blue Box) reed which features the thinnest tip with the thickest heart of the four styles. It is the only reed in the Vandoren line with a filed or "French" cut besides the V12. Their warmest/darkest sounding reed with quick response.


Price per box of 5.

Sax Alley Price: $19.95

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Vandoren V12 Bass Clarinet Reeds


Produced from cane selected for it's specific proportiions, the V12 reeds have a thicker heel and are cut on a longer pallet with a slightly thicker tip than the Traditional.  The longer pallet means that more of the reed is vibrating, resulting a deeper, richer sound.  The thicker tip gives body to the attack and also increases the longevity of the reed.

#3 and #3.5 available.  Other strengths can be ordered.

Check out the "Vandoren Reed Comparison Chart" for which strength would work best for you:

Box of 5

Sax Alley Price: $20.70

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