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Bass Clarinet

bass clarinet

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Clark Fobes San Francisco Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece - with Bay Ligature! Used

Clark Fobes hand crafts his low clarinet mouthpeices and tests them himself. This is the San Francisco model. This mouthpiece is used, but in excellent condition! There is no damage to the tip or rails.  This mouthpiece was made from a Zinner Blank.  Zinner German Rubber is considered to be some of the best in the world!

Inlcuded with this mouthpiece is an ornate custom Bay ligature and silver Selmer Paris cap!


Sax Alley Price: $250.00

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Francois Louis Pure Brass Bass Clarinet Ligature & Cap (Brass, Silver-Plate or Gold-Plate)

The Pure Brass Ligature has been disigned for a perfect match with hard rubber and wooden mouthpieces.

The stainless steel wires of the original Ultimate Ligature have been replaced by a brass brace.  The tightening is assured by a single top screw and it uses a solid brass pressure plate.  The longitudinal contact with the mouthpiece by brass resonating pipes and rolls guarantees free vibrations of the reed-mouthpiece ensemble.  The result:  a deeper, warmer tone with a well balanced resistance and great projection.

Comes with the "Smart Cap" inlcuded.

New  |  Retail Price: $113.45

Sax Alley Price: $68.00

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Ishimori-Wood Stone BASS CLARINET Ligature (French)

ISHIMORI's craftsmen take a number of manufacturing processes to produce high-quality Wood Stone Handmade Ligatures. All the ligatures are precisely hand-finished. These ligatures are designed to be versatile for every player in different genres being satisfied with its highest quality and sound.

These are really wonderful ligatures played by such notable clarinetists as:

  • Charles Neidich and Alan Kay - Professors at the Julliard School
  • Bill Hudgins - Principle Clarinetist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Anthony McGill - Principle Clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
  • Johan Hindler - The Vienna Philharmonic
  • Mark Nuccio - Associate Principle Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic
  • Sam Caviezel - Associate Principle Clarinetist of the Philadelphia Orchestra


(These may or may not be in stock since Ishimori is on a contant 5 month back order and we have a very difficult time keeping these in stock.  Consider your order a special order with us and we will get it to you when Ishimori gets it to us.)

No cap included.

Brass with gold plate --- powerful and bright sound

Solid Silver --- rich and warm sound 


Sax Alley Price: $134.00

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Leblanc Wood Bass Clarinet #1058 - Summer Salel Price!!


This is a vintage Leblanc Wooden Bass Clarinet that was formerly owned by a professional for many years.  The instrument is in very good condition.  We do not do any clarinet work at this time so you are purchasing "as is" and you can have your local tech do any work required to make it play as well as it can.

Price is really low since it needs a lot of work.  If you put $500 or so into this instrument, it will play really well for you.  It has some cracks and needs thorough cleaning and new pads.  It does play right now, but could be a much better instrument with the work.

Comes with the original Leblanc hard shell case, mouthpiece, cap and ligature.


Sax Alley Price: $500.00

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Leblanc Wood Bass Clarinet #546


This is a vintage Leblanc Wooden Bass Clarinet Serial #546.  


Sax Alley Price: $1,200.00

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Selmer Paris Focus Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

The closer tip opening the "Focus" provides a greater ease of playing as well as a centered and flexible tone.  Made in Paris by Selmer.

1.90mm tip opening and 32mm table length.

No ligature or cap included.

New  |  Retail Price: $458.00

Sax Alley Price: $250.00

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Vandoren B45 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

A standard in the industry for Bass Clarinet mouthpieces, the B45 will work well for you in any situation.

New  |  Retail Price: $167.99

Sax Alley Price: $158.00

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Vandoren M/O, Bass Clarinet Ligature & Cap

Vandoren's new M/O Ligature combines the lightweight construction of the legendary Masters Ligature with the highly efficient tightening of the Optimum Ligature.

A great ligature for a low price!!

Black in color and fits a Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece.

New  |  Retail Price: $86.99

Sax Alley Price: $48.95

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Vandoren Traditional Cut (Blue Box) Reeds - Bass Clarinet

The Vandoren "Classical" (Blue Box) reed which features the thinnest tip with the thickest heart of the four styles. It is the only reed in the Vandoren line with a filed or "French" cut besides the V12. Their warmest/darkest sounding reed with quick response.


Price per box of 5.

Sax Alley Price: $21.90

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Vandoren V12 Bass Clarinet Reeds

Produced from cane selected for it's specific proportiions, the V12 reeds have a thicker heel and are cut on a longer pallet with a slightly thicker tip than the Traditional.  The longer pallet means that more of the reed is vibrating, resulting a deeper, richer sound.  The thicker tip gives body to the attack and also increases the longevity of the reed.

#3 and #3.5 available.  Other strengths can be ordered.

Check out the "Vandoren Reed Comparison Chart" for which strength would work best for you:

Box of 5

Sax Alley Price: $23.75

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Yamaha 4C Student Model Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Great playing, inexpensive student model mouthpiece.

This is the best playing student mouthpiece i have found so far.  Works well with any bass clarinet, new or vintage.  A slightly brighter sound than a hard rubber mouthpiece, but a great mouthpiece to start on that will help you produce a good sound quality right away.

4C facing is in stock.  Others by special order.

New  |  Retail Price: $61.99

Sax Alley Price: $31.00

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Yamaha Bass Clarinet Ligature - Silver-Plate

Yamaha makes a very nice bass clarinet ligature in silver-plate that will fit any bass clarinet mouthpiece for a great price.

New  |  Retail Price: $45.00

Sax Alley Price: $22.10

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Yamaha Bass Clarinet Plastic Cap

A plastic bass clarinet cap that won't cost you much and will fit any bass clarinet mouthpiece with a standard ligature.

New  |  Retail Price: $15.00

Sax Alley Price: $8.00

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Yamaha YCL-221II Standard Bass Clarinet - NEW

This entry level Bass Clarinet from Yamaha is the best we've seen for the money!  It functions well, responds well, plays well in tune and is put together with typical Yamaha quality.

Comes with 4C mouthpiece, ligature, cap, cork grease, neck strap, cleaning cloth and case.

We include in FREE Shipping in our pricel.

(Not normally in stock at this time, special order item.)

New  |  Retail Price: $3,538.00

Sax Alley Price: $2,211.99

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14 Item(s) Show per page