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Tuners and Metronomes

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Boss DB-30 'Dr. Beat' Metronome - SUPER SPECIAL PRICE!!!


It’s portable, reliable, and fun to use — the DB-30 helps musicians take their music to higher levels by offering a set of features that defies its diminutive size. Much more than just a simple timekeeper, this pocket-sized metronome can lay down a variety of rhythm patterns and time feels to practice along with, and it has a few timekeeping tricks up its sleeve as well. 

  • Handles time signatures up to 17 beats per measure
  • Rhythmic beat patterns in various styles
  • Headphone output with volume control
Sax Alley Price: $39.00

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Boss DB-60 "Dr. Beat" Metronome


The new DB-60 is a handy timekeeper that can lay down a click in style. Along with the standard functions of a metronome, the DB-60 provides a menu of rhythmic patterns, a note-mixing feature to create rhythms that match the feel and style of your music, and the ability to handle time signatures of up to 17 beats per measure.

Sax Alley Price: $99.00

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Korg OT120 Orchestral Chromatic Tuner


Korg OT-120 - The Accurate and Functional Orchestral and Band Tuner!
Tune string and wind instruments in a flash with the OT-120, a new band and orchestral tuner that combines the accuracy of needle-type meters with superior functionality, wide tuning range and a new, sleek vertical design.

This is the tuner we use at Sax Alley to check all the instruments we work on! 

(Special order item.  Not normally in stock.)

Sax Alley Price: $73.00

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Korg TM-50 Chromatic Tuner & Metronome Combination


Practice Pitch and Rhythm at the Same Time!  Korg tuners and metronomes are acclaimed around the world for their extremely high accuracy and superb features. The new TM-50 combines these two functions into a single compact easy-to-use unit.

Sax Alley Price: $25.50

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